This week we are going to have Eavesdrop Trio from Boston. We recorded this episode in Red Bandana Bakery in Bethesda (If you live in Montgomery County, you must visit this spot on a Saturday or Sunday. It is a piece of heaven in Montgomery County.

 On this episode we let all cannons loose and I witnessed how spontaneous these three ladies were. If you have not heard or listened to their music, you better grab your tea or coffee and sit and google their music. You will be taken to another dimension on harmonies and melodies. The first time I did, I was blown away, like the Maxell Tape Ad in the 1980’s. Yes I know, I am old and so are you if you remember that ad. Kudos, you are one of my team. Eavesdrop Trio is an amazing band and I bet that we will listen a lot about them in the near future. Follow them in their website:

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