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Enrique Oliver, Jazz from Málaga

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On today’s Episode 125, I had the pleasure of talking with Enrique Oliver, a jazz saxophonist from Málaga. His tantalizing music will take your mind to a small venue where you will enjoy his beautiful harmonies and beats. Jazz is gaining territory in Spain, especially in the Andalusian Region. I got the chance to know more deeply his musical experience, his time in New York, and how Málaga is musically growing and becoming a new Jazz venue in Spain.

When someone talks to you about Málaga, you will not only connect it to Picasso or Antonio Banderas, you will also think about Jazz and Enrique Oliver. Please visit his website at and support him as well as by getting his music.

Furthermore, always support our independent musicians, their work of love in music is marvelous and worth of spreading to your friends.

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