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About Music in 2Flavors Música en 2Sabores

Music represents many traditions, as it expresses a range of social forces and processes , local cultures, and, as we shall see, inevitable tensions between commercial and political interests. Eyerman, R and Jamison A., Music and Social Movements (Cambridge Univ. Press 1998)


Music in 2Flavors Música en 2Sabores is a music interview podcast that was born in Silver Spring, Marylandon June 2017. I, Jaime Riera, am the creator, producer and host of it, the only people in it are my guests/participants.

At the beginning I had no idea of how to do a podcast, even though I was a long time podcast listener. However, the bug of doing a show of my own, different to all shows I listened, was about to happened. On June 18, 2017, I had my first music interview with Katherine Walden.  It took place at a small room at the Library of Congress, John Adams Building. It was the beginning of a new venture that has taken me to places I never imagined. It has fed my passion for reading, researching and drafting scripts to use while conducting this interviews.

The path of learning  has not concluded, more episodes recorded via phone communication (technology sometimes is blessings or a curse) or in person takes place every week. All these episodes are produced and hosted by me and will be available to you,my beloved audience, every week thru your favorite podcast platforms.

The Story

Our World is full of sounds and music. Since we were in our mothers womb, the beat of her heart marked our life forever with rhythm. Our environment and world is full of many sounds, rhythm, and some noise; which will considered later as music. If you do not believe me, stop for a second, listen carefully, let the sound take charge, and the melody will soon be recreated in your brain

Music in 2Flavors Música en 2Sabores was born in June 2017 in Silver Spring, Maryland. When we moved to Philadelphia and New York, I spent my free time walking thru its streets and taking pictures and recording on my cell phone street performers. My life was in a turning point where Law was bidding farewell to my full free time.

My idea of a podcast was very different. I did not want to do a show only with music. I wanted to fill a niche that it was empty or not taken at all, I wanted to follow the steps of John and Alan Lomax or Violeta Parra, three of the greatest musicologist in History.

In the summer of 2017 my wife and myself sat down to brainstorm the name, the logo, and the structure of the show. My ideal niche was those musicians, music professionals, musicologist, luthiers and people that worked and still working behind the shadows of big music media. My first episode was recorded on as Zoom H1 in the Summer of 2017 at the Library of Congress. It was a short episode on baseball and its music. At the beginning, each episode was uploaded every two weeks until November 2017, when the audience started to grow. I kept using my old Zoom H1 and Mackie Mixer 8 and cheap microphones. I kept  recording episodes face to face or via phone communication. On November 2018, my podcast was hacked and all my episodes were deleted. I had to upload in less than two days over 60 episodes.

My love for all kind of music -except reggueton- and passion to play the guitar for my own entertainment I owed it to Daniel Moreno who built a strong foundation in music sight-reading and guitar skills on me.   He taught me how to embrace baroque and renaissance music on guitar. It was him who showed me how to view music in a different way.

My musical journey has no limits. Music itself has no limits. There are too many sounds, rhythms, beats, folk instruments that require my attention and of my audience. My podcast turned out to be a vessel that will take us into these musical adventures. We are going to explore music venues, scenes, beats and other sounds that we thought were distant or unreachable to our ears. The current trend in technology is building new ties with different communities, and our approach to it is from the inside, as the Jesuits did during their voyages to Asia and South America. However, in our case, we are not going to indoctrinate anyone, au contraire, we are eager to learn and be taught.


I have not doubt that this music podcast will be here a few more years and will soon be a cultural, historical, and musical reference for many researchers who wants to know more about this intricate Music World.

Allow me to take you to the next musical adventure.

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