My musical journey

Music represents many traditions, as it expresses a range of social forces and processes , local cultures, and, as we shall see, inevitable tensions between commercial and political interests. Eyerman, R and Jamison A., Music and Social Movements (Cambridge Univ. Press 1998)

Our World is full of sounds and music. Since we were in our mothers womb, the beat of her heart marked our life forever with rhythm. Our environment and world is full of many sounds, rhythm, and some noise; which will call later as music. If you do not believe me, stop for a second, listen carefully, let the sound take charge, and the melody will soon be recreated in your brain.

From our childhood to our latest days on this planet, music is and will be a quintessential part of our life and evolution. We grew up singing nursery rhymes, then we had/have the radio/digital platforms, we attended/still attending concerts/small venues, and even at at our favorite place to worship we have music. Life without music has no meaning. A selected few are in a constant quest to recreate sounds and melodies thru an object. We are curious and creative living beings intrigue by these objects mechanics; from an animal bone transformed to a flute to a Roland Octapad SPD-30, our quest to create new musical instruments and music has not and will never ends.

My music journey started very early. I was probably around 4 or 5 years old. I remember listening to Spanish music on my father’s record player (turn table for new aficionados); transitioning to main stream rock music. In the 1980’s I was stroke by  New Wave and Punk; late 1980’s went back to 1970’s Progressive Rock, and nowadays I am able to listening to any music genre. 

In 1984, I grabbed a guitar and started to learn to play it. In one year I wast taught only three chords no sight reading, no music theory, no baroque or renaissance music for guitars/lute, nothing. I was only playing three chords as guitar companion for a leading guitar in Latin American boleros. In the 1980’s we were Internet less, there were no private music schools and private professors posted ads only on newspaper classified sections. After a year and half, I quit and abandoned my guitar in her guitar bag. I have not had discipline nor the interest anymore to play it. My Yamaha was left alone and I never played her again. My passion or muse was dead or killed by my former guitar teacher. Then Law School came into my horizons and a different world opened to me.

I became a lawyer, involved in many legal fields, but working on Entertainment Law was different. I got to know the nuts and bolts of this industry and how many musicians were ripped off by attorneys and managers alike. The business was rigged and there are many stories from famous big names in the industry that denounced these business negotiations.

It was late 2000’s that my musical mindset began to transform when I visited Argentina and Chile. I began to listen to more folklore music from these two countries. A new fan of harmonies and lyrics just opened in front of my very own eyes, besides a new way to look at Law (mostly from a philosophical stand point of view. Tangos, milongas, payadas, tonadas and other genres were introduced to me intraveneously in my two trips to these Austral countries. 

Music has evolved and reproduced in many forms: from a paper form to be played at home, to a wax cylinder, then moving to a new vinyl format and be played for over 40 years, to evolve to an 8-Track or cassette format, while engineers where toying with the idea of lowering the costs of music production and transforming our music in small circles with silver linings (Compact Disc) and, probably not the end, taking it to the next level on digital platforms. 

While living in Philadelphia, Fortune decided to pay me a visit. I witnessed and experienced a city full of musicians and a variety of rhythms that I had never experienced before. Puri’s encouragement and support of getting a guitar was the necessary spark and approval that  I needed..

It was in 2014 when Daniel Moreno took me under his wings while living in New York, He built a strong foundation on my guitar skills, especially on sight-reading. He taught me how to embrace baroque and renaissance music on guitar. In Silver Spring,  I met Magdalena Duhagon, and took me to another level on my guitar skills. Under bith Daniel and Magdalena’s guidance, my passion for music and history has substantially increased. I started to read more about music, composers, different guitar styles and even attended music conferences. That was the moment when Music in 2Flavors/Música en 2Sabores was born.

My current musical journey has no limits or frontiers. The universe of harmonies I am discovering is limitless. In my quest to discover myself and my music taste buds, I have met many great musicians, musicologist, luthiers and its like. These exchanges and conversational encounters  have pushed me further to continue in my pursuit for my perfect musical niche.  I feel blessed and lucky that at this stage of my life. I had the opportunity of discovering much more about what we called music and that my thrust to experiment and be creative is a new trend that keep my hyper-brain constantly seeking how to reinvent myself. At the end, we all must evolve, nothing remains stagnant unless you are lifeless. 

Philosophers seem to have recognized this when they have said that ‘motion
and rest’ are what drives nature—meaning by ‘nature’ in this
context ‘whatever causes all material things to take on the
qualities we experience them as having. Descartes, R. PR II 23.

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