Month: April 2019

Hiroya Tsukamoto

I never thought that I will have the experience of watching a musician from Japan performing before me and allowing me to interview him. Hiroya, his immediate friends call him Hiro, is an outstanding guitar performer. His style, storytelling, and poetry are very touching. The day we went to watch his recital, April 13th, 2019, …

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Elena y los Fulanos

Saturday’s episode was recorded last night. We are going to listen to a lot of laughter, anecdotes, social justice, political comments, a dead cellphone (just listen to the episode and you will understand it), the music influences, Serena and how she influenced the latino community, among other topics. Elena y Los Fulanos have been nominated …

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Haroom Alam

This Saturday we are going to have an entertaining conversation with Haroom Alam. Haroom was born in Washington DC, which I did not know, but his family came to the Mainland from Pakistan. He is a Tabla performer in Washington DC, and he will guide us in this musical journey with a lot of different …

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Wammies episode

If you are my subscriber, you probably have received a message that Episode 84 The Wammies Event- Award Ceremony is ready for listening. If you happen to drop by and have not heard about my podcast and you are undecided to click on this episode; do not be shy. Click on it. In this episode, …

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