Month: October 2018

Alfredo L Puchetta

At last Episode 61 in Spanish is ready for my audience enjoyment. Definitely, I had a great time talking with Alfredo Puchetta. He is not only a great luthier and plastic artist, but also a great musician with a vast knowledge on Afro-Argentinian music. Yes, you read right, Afro-Argentinian music. In late Nineteenth century, Afro-Argentinian …

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Latin Podcast Awards

As many of you already knows, yesterday was the Latin Podcast Awards 2018 Ceremony. Many great podcasts were nominated. Music in 2Flavors/Música en 2Sabores was nominated for three categories: Music and Arts, Podcast from United States, and podcasts done in two languages. Even though my podcast was not a winner in either category, the fact …

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Sarah Marie Hughes

Our Episode 16 guest, Sarah Marie Hughes will be at Capital Bop’s in Washington DC on Oct 27 and 28, 2018. Recently, her performance and experience was appraised by Jamie Sandel on Capital Bop’s blog. Sarah Marie is an extraordinaire saxophonist and her story is narrated by herself on Episode 16 of Music in 2Flavors …

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Surprise Artist

Next week, I will be interviewing a musician from Argentina. I met him through a friend who is also a musician and a luthier. No spoilers so far, but you will be shocked when you listen to this episode in Spanish. When you listen to the genre he plays, you will not believe it.

Walter Arjona

This week episode we will have a famous woodwind player from Argentina, Walter Arjona. We talked about his time in Jujuy, Códoba, and Buenos Aires and how he stopped to play the guitar in order to pursue his musical dream of playing those woodwind instruments known in his hometown.


Good news my good friends! If you do not have any podcast platform, no sweat! we are on Spotify. Check our podcast in Spotify and let us know what do you think, what do you like, whom you would like me to have in my podcast. Hey, be my guest and give me some names.

Jeff Mamett

This week, put your cowboy hat, your boots, and lets get rowdy! Well in a good sense, of course. I got my boots on since I chat with him. Turn your volume high enough and lets make some noise with some tracks that I will include from Jeff’s new album Carry Me Back. The first …

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