Takoma Park Folk Festival

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This year, Takoma Park is celebrating its 40 Anniversary. In 1978,
Sam Abbot decided to create a Folk Festival that celebrates Takoma Park commitment to the Arts. This first festival avoided and rejected a developer plans of destroying or changing Takoma Park Theather’s purpose. For the last 40 years, people of Takoma Park and all of the DMV Area have been part of this musical movement in support of the Arts.

This year will be no different from previous ones. As we celebrated a month ago, Woodstock’s 50 Anniversary; Takoma Park Folk Festival is not standing back and has a well prepared Festival with a great line-up of musicians. Approximately 60 performers will take the stage and share, for FREE, their talents. Music genre varies. From our deepest melodies coming from the Appalachians to the most flavorful rhythm brought to you from musicians from around the World. This is a Festival of Unity, Music, and Fraternity. Join us in this special event that takes place at the end of Summer.

If you happened to live in the DMV Area, drop by Takoma Park next September 8th, 2019. The Event starts at 10:30am and ends at 6:00pm. Some of the performances will have interpreters of sign-language for the hearing impaired. If you want to know more about performers time, here is the schedule link: https://www.tpff.org/schedule

For more information about performers, parking, how to get there, etc., visit http://www.tpff.org.

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  1. You are correct that Sam Abbott got together with a small group of friends in 1978 to organize the first Takoma Park Folk Festival (TPFF), with the goal of raising money to save the historic Takoma Theatre from destruction by a developer. Thus, 2018 was the Festival’s 40th anniversary, which was celebrated with a special concert in May 2018 as well as with the Festival itself on September 16, 2018.

    The 2018 TPFF was also the 40th TPFF, because TPFF had been canceled in 2016. As with the first TPFF, the Festival has always been planned and produced entirely by volunteers, but in the years before 2016 the number of new volunteers was less than the number who left, so by 2016 the organizers decided that too few people were engaged to put on a first-rate festival.

    The loss of this musical gem in 2016 had two effects: First, two other organizations stepped up to produce Takoma FOLK on the day when the 2016 TPFF had been scheduled. The Old Takoma Business Association sponsored daytime performances at the Takoma Park gazebo, and the Folklore Society of Greater Washington sponsored evening performances at the Takoma Park Community Center.

    The second effect was a renewed surge of enthusiastic volunteers who brought back the Takoma Park Folk Festival in 2017. Two years later, the Festival is still going strong, with younger leadership and some of us long-time volunteers delighted to continue bringing the finest in music, crafts, international foods, and fun for all to thousands of festival-goers each year. There still are a few opportunities to volunteer for this year’s TPFF, and plenty of time to get involved in planning for next year! For information, go to .

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