Surprise Artist

Next week, I will be interviewing a musician from Argentina. I met him through a friend who is also a musician and a luthier. No spoilers so far, but you will be shocked when you listen to this episode in Spanish. When you listen to the genre he plays, you will not believe it.

Walter Arjona

This week episode we will have a famous woodwind player from Argentina, Walter Arjona. We talked about his time in Jujuy, Códoba, and Buenos Aires and how he stopped to play the guitar in order to pursue his musical dream of playing those woodwind instruments known in his hometown.

We are back in business

Yes, dear subscribers and podcast fans, we are back. All episodes are again in the cyber waves for your enjoyment and a new episode with Jeff Mamett is awaiting for you. If you were subscribe to my podcast, please do it again. As I mentioned in a previous post, we have to redo everything and launch the podcast with a Read More …